South Australian Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs operating as Four Wheel Drive South AustraliaSouth Australian Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs, new logo

Established by like minded clubs to represent the interests of recreational four wheel drivers in SA

Postal Address: PO Box 178, ENFIELD PLAZA, South Australia 5058.
Meeting rooms: the Sporting Car Club rooms, 51 King William Rd, Unley SA 5061.

Training locations will be decided as suits the event.


Commitee contacts

4WDSA Delegate Info Calendar

Morgan Bookings

Stylised 4wd vehicle crossing a water hazard

 Booking form and availability calendar

4WDSA Minutes

Spiral notebook and pen, meant to indicate Minutes taking

4WDSA meeting documents grouped by month.

Finance and Fees


Affiliation Fees

Clubs submitting their fees should use the 2018 Affiliation Fees Form to return their information. Details for payment by Electronic Funds Transfer or cheque are included on the form.

Keeping In Touch

Person read the 4WD Matters information release

4WDSA has a number of channels for keeping members of affiliated clubs informed, but none of these are as direct as an email from us to you. 

You should subscribe to receive regular and urgent news by email. More details are on the Subscription page.


Recent information releases from Four Wheel Drive SA

Articles are no longer displayed when they refer to old events or out of date material. A zip file is located at the bottom of the list that is peridocillay updated with all published entries.

KIT 39 Light Bars and Driving lights on your roof (1.9MB)

The rules regarding the fitment of LED light bars and other driving lights have been updated.

KIT 38 Tire Sizes (53.2KB)

Outcome of 4WDSA's Tyre Size Working Group to achieve greater commonality with the other states regarding the fitment of larger tires.

KIT 24 Instruction for Morgan Quarry Key access (79.7KB)

FAQ for picking up the key for Morgan Quarry Access

KIT 23 Recognition of 4WDSA Volunteer Work for DEWNR - Updated (18.5KB)

FAQs for 4WDSA Volunteer work for DEWNR (as at 19 MAY 2014)

KIT 18 - 24 January 2014 (30.5KB)

At the Annual Dept of Environment Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) – Four Wheel Drive SA (4WDSA) Forum last month DEWNR announced a significant concession . . . agreeing to extend its existing Friends of Parks Volunteer National Park Pass Benefit Sch

KIT 13 - 08 Jan 2014 (37.5KB)


KIT 09 - Clubs Volunteer Report Form V3 Oct 2018 (91KB)

Use this form to report Club volunteer hours, and other information, to FWDSA. The details are collated by the NRAU and reported to the Department for Environment and Water (DEW).


No additional information.


The Australian National Four Wheel Drive Council (Four Wheel Drive Australia) in association with

AON, provide Public Public laibility and professional indemnity to officers and members of affiliated state associations and their affiliated clubs.

Arthur J Gallagher Insurance Brokers, provide the insurance facility that offers a complete insurance package for all owners of four wheel drive vehicles with the advantage of club member discounts for members of affiliated clubs.


List of affiliated clubs

4WDSA affiliated clubs, their contact and meeting details.

List of Clubs

Documents and forms

4WDSA Constitution and by-laws.

PAR Report Form (MS Word document) - report on the condition of a public access route.

Club Volunteer report form (updated May 2018, MS Word document). Report club community involvement so we can promote a caring 4WD community.

Report environmental damage via this form (MS Word document). See the Read more... for details.



Vehicle Recovery Straps - Federal Safety Standards

A link to the federal standards for Recovery Straps: 

Club Support Unit

Following a review of the Driver Training Unit (DTU), it was resolved at the Delegates meeting in September 2019, for 4WDSA to form a Club Support Unit (CSU) whose remit goes beyond just Driver Training.  Please see our new Club Support Unit page for details.

North Kimberley (Mitchell Plateau/Falls)

The Uunguu Visitor Pass (UVP) is implemented for independent visitors to Ngauwudu (Mitchell Plateau).


Mount Remarkable NP or Innes NP - booking system for camp sites

Camp sites must now be booked prior to arrival at


Simpson - Sand Flags

Three 4WDs with sand flagsA reminder that mandatory vehicle flags apply in the Simpson Desert.   Read details here... 4WDSA KIT 15.doc

Fees for Ngarkat Conservation Park

A reminder that a park entrance fee and a camping fee now apply to the 270,000-hectare Ngarkat Conservation Park in the state’s southern Mallee. Please check the current fees at the National Parks SA website.


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