The logo adopted by the National and State 4WD Associations Four Wheel Drive South Australia Inc. (FWDSA) was established by like minded clubs to represent the interests of recreational four wheel drivers in SA. It was also recognised that it had a role to promote and educate club members as to the responsibilities accompanying the pleasure of four wheel driving as a recreation. It has grown from the early days of three or four clubs to twenty four clubs (see this list) and still growing. This is a non-profit organisation that actively supports the Royal Flying Doctor Service at both association and club level.

Four Wheel Drive South Australia (FWDSA)

This organisation is recognised as being a credible and conservation active organisation, respecting the rights of land owners, traditional, pastoral and government. Club members work closely with DENR staff in National and Conservation Parks throughout the State and undertake many voluntary projects in those areas, as well as restoration of historically significant Outback buildings in remote areas. Most member clubs are also heavily involved in the Clean Up Australia campaign from the coast to the far North of the State.

The organisation and its member clubs are also active in educating and training their members in correct and environment friendly vehicle operating techniques, as well as camping etiquette and hygiene, campfire management and safety including the frugal use (not abuse) of natural fuel for camp fires.

Members are also gaining an understanding of indigenous culture and protocols to be observed when travelling on or through Aboriginal Lands. This is also providing members with a different perspective and appreciation of this wonderful and intriguing country of ours.

There is a fellowship within the four wheel drive community that extends nationally. Each State and Territory has its own association, similarly founded by clubs, and there is a National Four Wheel Drive Council (Four Wheel Drive Australia), coordinating and representing these associations on matters of national significance.

With increasing experience and technological improvements in communications, the networking of information between the National Council, state associations like FWDSA and clubs is becoming more efficient and beneficial, not only to members, but to others not involved with clubs who also enjoy this form of recreation

Affiliation with the Four Wheel Drive Australia (prevously known as Australian National Four Wheel Drive Council), interstate 4WD Associations keeps the State body (who then informs the Clubs), up to date with national legislation concerning 4WD touring.


17 March 2022 Constitution & Rules.