Access & Lands Unit

For the benefit of our four wheel drive pastime and the countryside we use, the ALU focuses on land access and land custodianship.

1. ''Access'' implies both physical access and information access of use to 4WDers. This can be by engaging in specialised activities by providing quality four-wheel driving information for users to plan their own activities in rural, outback and marine parks. Be involved with communities and partner agencies in setting the future direction for recreation and tourism in parks. Negotiate access to Indigenous areas and how we get permits for travel through indigenous areas.

2. ''Custodianship'' by conservation through shared stewardship. Help to protect and care for parks so that they continue to conserve biodiversity and can be enjoyed by people long into the future. This would include such activities as Clean Up Australia co-ordination, promoting Road Watch etc. Information on Site Preservation and land care to build an understanding of the value of parks and an awareness of visitor responsibilities. Interact with Indigenous Areas to be informed of Indigenous cultural values. These can provide a positive example for us to emulate their custodianship in our use of the land by driving and camping with minimum impact.