Units within the Association

FWDSA has an internal organisation of "Units" that are charged with specific responsibilities in representing the interests, or coordinating the activities of clubs of the association.

The Natural Resources Advisory Unit sets the policy direction of the association regarding matters pertaining to environment and represents it on matters of access. This involves preparation of detailed written submissions to government and other interested parties in presentation of the views of the association and its members.

Friends of Parks. The Association, as a member of "Friends of All Parks", is involved in "hands on" conservation, revegetation and clean up projects, and liaises with other groups as well. For example there is the long standing and very active "Ngarkat Border Track Committee".

The Club Support Unit This unit is an evolution of the prior Driver Training Unit (DTU) and now has a much broader set of objectives to proactively engage and identify the services required by Clubs.

The Access & Lands Unit is developing the association's policy and education process with regard to indigenous people and their culture. Also relative to this Unit is the fostering of a cooperative effort between this association, Aboriginal land Councils and Communities regarding access to and through Aboriginal lands.

Special Events (Promotions). The responsibility of presenting the Association and its clubs to the public occurs either through the Special Events coordinator or the specific units or at the Association level. This occurs through attendance at shows, metropolitan and regional, through the use of the promotional display trailer. Likewise, the production of printed material that explains some of the activities of the clubs, Units and the association.

The Association does actively source support and sponsorship from industry and business houses to provide the financial means for the association to achieve its objectives in as many areas as possible. The Association is also available to provide assistance, on request, to any group who may be interested in forming a club, anywhere in the State.