Code of Ethics

  • Keep to the laws and regulations on recreation vehicles. They change from state to state.
  • Others have a right to peace and solitude - avoid noisy driving or riding near settlements and general recreation areas.
  • Keep to approved vehicle corridors and tracks. On beaches and unvegetated sand areas, drive only where permitted.
  • Alpine areas, swamps and vegetated dunes are easily damaged. Avoid them.
  • Respect our wildlife. Stop and look, but never disturb or chase animals. It can affect their survival.
  • Keep the environment clean. Carry your own - and maybe other peoples' - rubbish home.
    Simpson desert track

    Care and consideration is required if tracks like this will remain available for future 4WDers

  • Keep all fire restrictions. Extinguish your fire before leaving. Don't let your exhaust emit sparks.
  • Keep to restrictions on use of public land. Respect national parks and other conservation areas.
  • Get permission before driving on private land. Leave livestock alone and gates as found.
  • Keep your vehicle mechanically sound and quiet with an efficient muffler.
  • Take adequate water, food, fuel and spares on trips. In remote areas travel with another vehicle.
  • Join an appropriate and responsible recreation club if you use your vehicle mainly for recreation.
  • Help in bushfire emergencies and search and rescue, if you are properly equipped and able.
This code is valuable only if you observe it.