Special Projects

A trailer load of old metal being removed from Karte Cons. Park

The association and various clubs participate each year in Clean Up Australia Day.

These are some of the projects carried out by member clubs, and / or the association.

Potters Scrub Revegetation - Coorong National Park

Commencing in 1990/91 this long term project is revegetating an area of the Coorong National Park which was cleared to provide wood for paddle steamers. To date approximately 20,000 seedlings have been planted. Seed is gathered in early summer, propagated and seedlings raised, with planting in late Autumn.

Track Maintenance - Ngarkat Conservation Park

Work on the rationalisation of the tracks and subsequent revegetation is ongoing as well as the repair at the border track and fence. The work is in an attempt to maintain continued access by 4WD vehicles to the Border Track through the NPWS. More details here.

Whyalla and Districts Inc

Buckleboo Stock Route Restoration

Originally called a Travelling Stock Reserve, the Route ran from Elliston to Buckleboo Station and then eventually to Port Augusta. Restoration of the Buckleboo Stock Route was undertaken as an Adopt-a-Track Project in conjunction with the NPWS Port Lincoln. Work began in May 1992 with track widening, tree trimming, and stump removal, to allow 4WD vehicular access along the remaining 20 kms of the original Route. Six working bees are undertaken each year from April to September.

Mitsubishi 4 Wheel Drive Owners Club Inc

Anna Creek Railway Siding Restoration

The Mitsubishi Club in conjunction with The Ghan Railway Preservation Society has taken on the task of tidying up the storm damaged Anna Creek Railway Siding. The aim is to attempt to preserve the walls prior to reconstruction. If the woodwork can be preserved it may be possible to repair the walls. Several stopovers on the way north have been coordinated to begin the cleanup. The Department of Roads bulldozed a large cut for all rubbish to be buried. To date 5 car bodies, 17 trailer loads and an extraordinary amount of broken glass have been removed to the pit.

Nissan Club

Car body removal in Mt Crawford Forest

For many years the Nissan Club has conducted car body cleanups from the Mt Crawford Forest. The use of recovery equipment also serves an educational function for club members.

Cooronq Beach Cleanup

The Nissan club also conducts on annual beach cleanup between 42-Mile Crossing and Tea Tree Crossing in the Coorong National Park. Many trailer loads of all types of rubbish are collected greatly improving the aesthetic quality of the area.

Range Rover Club

Koala Project

The project undertaken by the Range Rover Club was part of a bold initiative to create a continuous band of native vegetation from Mt Lofty to Cape Jervis to allow the koala population to interbreed. The particular task undertaken by the Range Rover Club was to construct erosion control barriers from newspaper bundles in a large erosion gully on Sellick's Hill. The natural accumulation of eroded soil then provides the ideal place for revegetation.

Rubbish Cleanup

Removal of rubbish - particularly larger items such as car bodies has been undertaken from the mangrove area near Port Gawler. This removes a large eyesore as well as a significant hazard for native wildlife.

4WD Adventurers Club of SA

Southeast Dune Revegetation

The 4WD Adventurers assist the Millicent Sand Buggy Club with the annual marron grass revegetation project on an area of private land which is commonly used by dune buggies and 4WD vehicles. Gradual revegetation of the windblown sand has greatly stabilised many dunes.

Brookfield Conservation Park Cleanups

The work within Brookfield is aimed at the conservation of Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat colonies. Projects have included removal of unwanted fencing and other unwanted rubbish which potentially could have trapped the animals. Other work has included general maintenance within the park and rubbish cleanup along highway frontage to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the park.

Murraylands Parks including Calperum, Chowilla and Danggali

Assistance has been provided with revegetation initially with seed collection in conjunction with the NPWS staff.

Mallee Fowl Count in Murraylands Parks

The 4WD Adventurers in conjunction with NPWS is involved with an ongoing Mallee Fowl Research Project. They conduct a survey of numbers of nests and whether or not they are active.

Off Road Vehicles Club of South Australia Inc

Birth of a Forest

The Club combined with Dean Francombe and the McLaren Flat Primary School students, parents, and friends to create a forest on a hillside above McLaren Flat. The Club's 4WD vehicles were used to transport the stacked and tied bundles of newspapers used to pack the erosion areas. The newspapers are then covered with dirt in which native trees are eventually planted.

Murray Bridge and Districts

Ngarkat Rubbish Removal

The Murray Bridge Club has been involved in a number of rubbish removal projects in the Ngarkat Conservation Park. Numerous old car bodies have been dragged many kilometres out of the park which has greatly improved its aesthetic value of the park.

Various Revegetation Projects

The Murray Bridge Club is actively involved in a number of revegetation projects at various locations including Peake, Monarto and the Mannum waterfalls. Some of these are on private land often visited by 4WD clubs and others ore on public land to be appreciated by the whole community.

Riverland Club

Revegetation Projects with Greening Australia

The Riverland Club has been involved in seed collection and growing seedlings from seed collected. Several areas throughout the Riverland area have been revegetated in cooperation with Greening Australia.

Bookmark Biosphere Reserve

The Riverland Club is involved in the preservation of the Yubalia historic area on Calperum Station that is now part of Bookmark Biosphere Reserve. Yubalia was established in the early 1880's as a sheep station and is of significant historical importance as the structures are a rare example of traditional construction methods using local materials. The buildings are representative of the way of life and the hardships of the settlers in the remote marginal country in the state's northeast. The project began in 1996 and so far work has included fencing, stabilising the walls of the hut, rebuilding the chimney, reconstruction of the dugout (cellar), establishment of nearby camping and visitor carpark area, including toilet facilities and marking out a visitors trail, together with the formation of a visitors guide pamphlet.

Clean Up Australia Day

Each year the Riverland Club undertakes to clean up each side of the Sturt Highway from the SA/Vic border to Paringa (24 km) to keep the entrance to SA tidy. Up to 10 tonnes of rubbish is removed each year!

Assistance for Birds Australia's Gluepot Station project

The Riverland Club has assisted Birds Australia at Gluepot station by building toilet facilities for visitors and chauffeuring dignitaries around the property at the official opening. Gluepot Station is the home of various endangered species of birds, including the rare black-eared miner.

Subaru 4WD Club of South Australia

Deep Creek Track Maintenance

In conjunction with DENR the Subaru Club is involved with track maintenance along perimeter fire tracks. Work undertaken included clearing the sides of the track, overhanging branches, and intruding bushes.

Suzuki Club

Loftia Recreation Park Cleanup

Together with the Subaru Club and under the supervision of the YMCA caretaker the Suzuki Club removed many trailer loads of rubbish from the 2WD public access road through the park. At least two tonnes of broken glass were removed from the roadside together with vast amounts of car parts and general rubbish.

Toyota Landcruiser Club

Kudriemitchie Outstation

Located in the Innaminka Regional Reserve, about 20 km from Coongie Lakes, the TLCC has leased the outstation and has undertaken numerous working bees to repair the building and it's meathouse, for use as a base for research and recreation by association members. Contact the TLCC for details or visit their website at www.tlccsa.asn.au which contains information on the project, photos, and rules of use for the outstation. Look for the link at the bottom of their home page.

Clean Up Australia Day

The Club has been involved with the removal of rubbish, metal, wire, and car bodies from various locations including Karte Recreation Park, Kyeema Conservation Reserve, Mt Crawford Forest, Onkaparinga Valley and the Coorong National park and beaches.

Environmental Activities

The club has had a long term commitment to environmental projects which include inter alia:-

  • tree planting at numerous locations including the Flinders Ranges and Kyeema Conservation Reserve
  • the poisoning and removal of wheel cactus in the Flinders Ranges to prevent the spread to the Flinders Ranges National Park
  • Restoration of a 100 year old shepherd’s Hut for use by Bike through the Flinders Riders