Nora Creina Bypass Implemented

Nora Criena Bypass Map Due to the increase of 4x4 and Motorbike traffic, the disrespectful behaviour and blatant disregard for Nora Creina and the safety of community, the owners have put in a bypass.

All 4x4's travelling by beach from Robe to Beachport and vice versa for the sole purpose of four wheel driving will need to use the bypass.

For the 4x4's wanting to stop and have lunch on the beach at Nora Creina may do so, respecting the 10km speed limit and the Nora Creina Community.

Recreational Motorbikes are PROHIBITED from entering Nora Creina, they MUST use the bypass.
NO Recreational Motorbikes are allowed on the front beach at Nora Creina.

Travelling from Robe the track is 1.4kms from the cross roads at Nora Creina, down bog lane.
Follow the signs from the cross roads.

Travelling from Beachport, look for a sign in the sand dunes approximately 2kms before Nora Creina.
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