Map of forest locations in South Australia covered by the MOUForestrySA manages the state owned forest resource in South Australia. This primarily consists of Pinus radiata in the Green Triangle Region (south east of SA), the Mount Lofty Ranges and the Mid North Regions.

Access to these forest areas is controlled. In a spirit of cooperation, a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) exists between ForestrySA and FWDSA, to facilitate access by member clubs to certain forest areas.

This is a summary of the Terms and Conditions for Access and use of Forest Reserves in South Australia. This MOU applies to member clubs of 4WDSA, not to the general public. As per 4.3 of the MOU, the club trips must be formally recorded in club minutes.

This summary is not a replacement for the proper MOU document - a full copy of the MOU has been sent to each affiliate Club and thus should be available from your trips co-ordinator, it should be read in full. Event Application forms should be obtained from ForestrySA

"Memorandum of Understanding" download

The full MOU document  is also available for download (180 kb, 40 pages approximately).

  1. The trip leader is to contact the relevant Forest Ranger with as much prior notice as possible (three to four weeks is considered a minium considering the normal cycle time through clubs). The trip leader is to negotiate routes and other details with the Forest Ranger and if necessary, visit the Forest Reserve to confirm route access and other details.
  2. The trip leader needs to submit a completed ForestrySA "Event Application form" to the Forest Ranger. This Application must include:
  • list of driver names;
  • and for each, vehicle details including make, model and registration number.
  • A current copy of the " Certificate of Insurance - Public and Directors & Officers Liability" must be submitted.
  1. Once received, the forest ranger shall consider the application and advise the trip leader of approval or otherwise.
  2. In the event of approval not being given, further negotiation may need to take place between the Forest Ranger and the trip leader to resolve matters in question. Upon agreement, any amendments considered necessary shall be made to the documentation.
  3. The trip leader is to check with the Forest Ranger a day or two beforehand to confirm the trip or whether the trip is deemed not possible or subject to alteration due to unforseen or emergency situations in accord with Guidelines for Events as attached to Policy CF-R12 "Motor Sport". Similarly, the Forest Ranger shall make reasonable steps to contact the trip leader in the event of trip alteration or cancellation as outlined above.
  4. If required after the event, any followup or repair work shall be undertaken.
  5. If required after the event, fees shall be paid to ForestrySA within two weeks of the event.

Forest Reserve Contacts

The Forests listed here pertain to the MOU. Access to other ForestrySA reserves are currently not available.

Forest Reserve Contact Details
Mt Crawford FR Forest Ranger
Mount Crawford Forest Reserve
Tel 8524 6004
Fax 8524 6611
Web Mt Crawford at ForestrySA
Kuitpo FR
Second Valley FR
Forest Ranger
Kuitpo Forest Reserve
Tel 8388 3267
Fax 8388 3756
Web Kuitpo at ForestrySA
Wirrabara FR
Bundaleer FR
Forest Ranger
PO Box 91
Tel 8668 4163
Fax 8668 4155
Web Wirrabara at ForestrySA
Comaum FR
Penola FR
Mt Burr FR
Mt Gambier FR
Myora FR
Forest Ranger
PO Box 162
Tel 8724 2876
Fax 8724 2885
Web Green Triangle at ForestrySA

ForestrySA Website is at More detailed maps in PDF format can be found there.