Affiliating with Four Wheel Drive South Australia (4WDSA)

Thinking of starting up a 4WD Club and affiliating with Four Wheel Drive South Australia (4WDSA), well here’s how you do it.

The first step is to advise 4WDSA Secretary or President of your intentions and they will give you an overview of what to do.   Contact details.

Secondly you need a Constitution that has to be registered with the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs (OCBA) at a cost of $170 (as at the 2013/14 financial year).

4WDSA has an approved “generic constitution” available for you to use upon request.

Once you have your Certificate of Incorporation back from OCBA contact  the 4WDSA Secretary or President and a date and time will be made available for you to attend the next Executive/Delegates Meeting to introduce yourself, your Club and to discuss your intentions.

This generally will take (about) 10 minutes and thereafter a Motion is generally moved to accept you as a Member of 4WDSA providing your goals and objectives align with 4WDSA.

A yearly affiliation fee of $20 per Primary Member has been set by the Clubs and there is also a $20K Public Liability Insurance Scheme which also costs $7 to $8 per Primary Member. [as at the 2014 AGM]

Some of the benefits of joining 4WDSA

(1)            Nationally Accredited 4WD Training.

(2)            Competitive Motor Vehicle Insurance Scheme.

(3)            Affiliated Club access to Morgan Quarry.

(4)            Representation to Government both State and Federally.

(5)            Access to the Public Liability Scheme.

(6)            Automatic inclusion to the Volunteers Workers Insurance Scheme.

(7)            Family Friendly Clubs.

(8)            Access to join Club activities.