Wouldn't you prefer to travel with the appropriate skills and travel with people who also have those skills?

club member is crossing the normally dry Brachina Creek, Flinders Ranges National Park

Unpredictable conditions require appropriate skills, such as here where a club member is crossing the normally dry Brachina Creek, Flinders Ranges National Park. Even bitumen driving requires an awareness that most 4WDs have a larger mass than the average family car and must be driven accordingly.



The “Club Support Unit” to proactively engage and identify the services required by Clubs:

Women in 4wd – a women only decision-making group for training, social, meetings and outings encouraging women to be more active in the 4wd arena

Driver advice -to keep/make bookings for Peake and Morgan, set up with external providers “Train the Trainers “courses, set up “Awareness courses” for 4wd which clubs can use as a baseline training for members (non-assessed). Coordinate training books and materials which clubs may require. Maintain a list of Trainers willing to assist other Clubs.

Shows/events– to coordinate with clubs and promote events like Octoberfest, Birdwood Celebration of 4WD and as well as to coordinate events like 4WD show, arrange for participants to provide demonstrations etc

Complaints Investigation – An independent member who can (with delegates as required) Investigate and determine /provide outcomes for members who have a grievance independent to the 4WDSA exec or any other office holder

may need to use ‘Complaint Handling Processes’ currently being developed by 4WDSA for previously investigated or unresolved complaints

Hema and other navigational aids, - Vehicle maintenance – practical workshop demonstrations, provide insight into current technologies, equipment available for club members

any other area the 4WDSA association consider required

Training Manuals

Please contact the Club Support Unit Chairman if you wish to order Training Manuals.

CSU Contacts

Chairman: Geoff Green.
Secretary: Vacant
Training Officer: TBA.

There is a driver training forum (DTU forum on Yahoo), that can only be access by registered driver training personnel - to effect registration please call the CSU Chairman or the email contact noted on the Yahoo forum. Information on training events, related files for training, up to date minutes from meetings and sending messages to all other CSU members is available on the forum. The forum address is

Other info

Training event radio channels UHF CH 25 with CH 30 reserve, AM CB CH 1