The VKS-737 Radio Network

The VKS-737 Radio Network is a HF Radio communications network licensed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority to serve Australian travellers (land, sea or air). Primarily, they provide safety orientated information, pass on messages and arrange rescue/support for people in difficulties. With their many strategically located bases, they effectively cover the nation.

They provide:

  • A choice of seven frequencies
    • Channel 1: 5455kHz
    • Channel 2: 8022kHz
    • Channel 3: 11612kHz
    • Channel 4: 14977kHz
    • Channel 5: 3995kHz
    • Channel 6: 6796kHz
    • Channel 7: 10180kHz
  • Monitoring of RFDS frequencies
    • ...
  • 19 Base Stations located at:
    • Adelaide (SA)
    • Alice Springs (NT)
    • Cairns (QLD)
    • Charters Towers (QLD)
    • Darwin (NT)
    • Derby (WA)
    • Newcastle (NSW)
    • Perth (WA)
    • St Marys (TAS)
    • Swan Hill (VIC)
    • ...
  • Free-to-air mobile communications between VKS-737 subscribers anywhere in Australia.
  • Regular daily voice schedules are provided through some VKS-737 Base Stations and can provide road and weather reports upon request, position reporting and message handling.
  • Access to 4WD repairs, recovery and spare parts providers.
  • Direct access to Police & Emergency Services vehicles fitted with VKS-737 Network Frequencies.
  • Radio-telephone facilities (additional charges apply for these facilities). Contact VKS-737 for further details and application forms.
VKS-737 versus Satellite Telephone in the Outback
Service VKS-737 Satellite
Monthly Service Access Charges None None to Charged
Vehicle to Vehicle Communications Free Charged
Vehicle to Base Station Communications Free Charged
Position Reporting & Safety Logging Free Charged
Message Handling to and from Family and Friends Free Charged outgoing
Daily Weather and Cyclone Reports Free Charged
Daily Road Condition & Closure Reports Free Charged
Medical Calls / Assistance Free Charged
Emergency Calls - Family & Friends Free Charged
Emergency Calls - Vehicle Breakdown / Accident Free Charged
Emergency Calls - Medical Free Charged
General Telephone Calls Charged Charged

The VKS-737 Radio Network issues subscribers with a Licence Authority under Section 114 of the Radiocommunications Act No. 174 of 1992 to use the Network's frequencies for MOBILE Use Only.

The use of base station equipment, amateur radio equipment or fixed antennas are NOT permitted on the VKS-737 Radio Network. Refer to VKS-737 Conditions of Use (available on the VKS-737 website) for further details.

VKS-737 subscribers DO NOT require an (Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Mobile Outpost Licence (commonly referred to as an RFDS licence) to access the VKS-737 Radio Network frequencies. An Outpost licence does not authorise communication with or within the VKS-73 Radio Network.

Licence conditions do not permit communication between different networks (including the RFDS) except in an emergency.