Mount Remarkable NP or Innes NP - booking system for camp sites

Dear Park Pass holder,
Are you planning a trip to Mount Remarkable National Park or Innes National Park?
A new system has been introduced to make it easier and fairer to camp at sites in these parks. Camp sites must now be booked prior to arrival at
To book your site please visit and follow these steps:
  1. Select ‘find a park’ and find the park you wish to visit.
  2. Select camping from the side bar at the left.
  3. Select the campground and site at which you wish to stay.
  4. Answer the booking questions. You will be asked to enter your current pass number.
  5. Select ‘buy now’.
  6. At checkout fill in your details.
Note: If you have a Park Pass + Camping you will not be charged for camping, but the system still requires a credit card number to be entered to complete the transaction.
If you have a Park Pass without camping you will be charged for camping and you will need to enter your credit card number to complete the transaction.
The website includes information to help with your booking, such as:
  • Images of individual sites.
  • Information on what vehicles are suitable for the site, for example caravan, campervan, tent etc.
  • Information on where the site is located in proximity to amenities such as toilets.
  • Other site information such as shady site, near creek, fire pit etc.
Once you have completed your booking you will receive a confirmation email with the details of the site you have booked.
The website will only display available camp sites, giving you an indication of how busy it will be on the particular night you wish to book by the number of available sites.
If you have any enquiries please email
[Information supplied by Volunteers and Partnerships Unit | Partnerships and Stewardship
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources  - Aug 2014]